EyeSee Mannequin

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Thanks to Almax and Kee Square – Spin-Off of Politecnico di Milano – from now on the mannequins will not only display your collections and encourage the consumer to enter the store.

This product will do much more; it would make it possible to "observe" who is attracted by your windows and reveal important details about your customers:
age range; gender; race; number of people and time spent.


  1A special camera connected to a special software is installed inside the mannequin's head.

  2This software analyzes the facial features of people passing through the front and provides statistical and contextual information useful to the development of targeted marketing strategies.

  3The embedded software can also provide other data such as the number of people passing in front of a window at certain times of the day.


For further information about the Eye See Mannequin email to info@almax-italy.com


M info@almax-italy.com
T +39- 0317-4985-2
F +39- 0317-4412-7


Almax crosses the border and lands in the capital of the Haute Couture with Almax France.


Almax is a world-known leading trade-mark in the production of mannequins and display forms.


Since 2008 Almax has been participating the "Impresa Amica dell'UNICEF" programme.

Press release

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